Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Exploration and Analysis of Effective Key Drivers in the Formation of Smart Rural Development (Case Study: Jovein County)    M.Sc.    kalateh meymari, roghayeh    2018-09-10
2    The Survey of Rural Public Spaces Impact on Improving the Quality of Life of Villagers (Case study: Binaloud County)    M.Sc.    Ghasemi, Hamid    2018-07-02
3    The Survey of Physical Changes in Tourist Destination Villages (Case study: Fazl Dehestan of Neyshabur County)    M.Sc.    hosseini, hossein    2018-07-02
4    Investing and Analyizing the Economic Effects of construction of second homes in rural areas (a case study of northern villages of Mashhad city)    M.Sc.    soheyli far, hosein    2018-07-02
5    Analysis the Role of Government Micro Credits in Rural Entrepreneurship Development (Case Study: Radkan Dehestan)    M.Sc.    khoob, shadi    2018-06-11
6    Investigating the sense of security of villagers in the physical environment of Villages of the Purpose of Religious Tourism (Case study: Roudan County)    M.Sc.    narooyi amiri, fatemeh    2018-05-14
7    The Impact of Implementation of the Streets Network in Guidance Plan on Rural Quality of Life (Case Study: Salehabad District of Torbat-e-Jam)    M.Sc.    abdolsamadi, gholamghous    2018-01-22
8    Analyzing the effect of rural house livability on the Villagers quality of life (Reading about the city of zirkooh , zirkooh county)    M.Sc.    gholami, mohmmad    2017-09-18
9    The Impact of social factors on the pattern of rural housing (Case study: villagers Turkman of Raz and Jargalan County)    M.Sc.    Imani, sanaz    2017-07-10
10    Study and analysis of effect of social and economic factors on the quality of the rural housing(Case Study :Radkan Dehestan 'Chenaran County).    M.Sc.    Masomy Nejad, Ali    2017-06-12
11    Foresight of MENARID Prospective Impact of the Project on theSustainability of Rural Settlements (Case Study: North Khorasan Province)    Ph.D    esmaili, asiye    2017-05-02
12    Evaluation of conductive plan effectiveness on rural development indicators in Khorasan Razavi province (Case study: Villages of Chenaran)    M.Sc.    elsaghi, ensyeh    2017-03-15
13    Review and analysis of returned Remittances impacts of international migrants on Regional Development (Case study: South of Fars Province)    Ph.D    namdar, mahboobeh    2017-01-31
14    Challenges of Rural Management in Settlements Around Metropolises (Case Study: Rural Settlement Around 12 Zone of Mashhad Municipally)    M.Sc.    bahadoori, nazanin    2016-12-27
15    Explaining the local-spatial impact of social capital on rural development (Case study: Bojnord County)    Ph.D    Ghorbani, Ali    2016-10-26
16    The Spatial analysis of Cultural Intelligence of Rural Managers and its impact on their Task and Contextual Performance (Case Study: Mashhad County)    Ph.D    ahmadzadeh, sahar    2016-07-19
17    Analyzing the effects of life style change on physical and architect of rural area (case study    M.Sc.    ashouri, elham    2016-03-02
18    Analysis of structural factors influencing innovation in the entrepreneurship process in rural areas    Ph.D    darban astaneh, mohammad reza    2016-01-27
19    Analysis the Impact of Rural Physical Space on Perceived Safety of Residents (Case Study:Toos Dehestan)    M.Sc.    Sadrossadat, Aida    2016-01-19
20    The implementation of targeted subsidies on poverty and inequality in rural settlements (Case Study: Nishabur County)    Ph.D    hamzehee, majid    2015-11-26
21    Investigating the skeletal -spatial Changes in the rural settlements at Urban collection Mashhad    Ph.D    javanshiri, mahdi    2015-10-31
22    Survey Measure of local managers (Dehyaran) successfully in the process of Rural Guidance plans implementation, Case Study: Tayebad County    M.Sc.    shakoori fard, esmaeil    2015-10-05
23    Regional development with emphasis on the role of tourism Based on futures study approach (Case Study:yazd province)    Ph.D    behzadi, sedigheh    2015-07-04
24    Analysis of Economic and social consequences of changes in cropping patterns in rural areas (Case Study: Joghatay Dehestane of County Joghatay)    M.Sc.    joghataei, mohammad kazem    2015-04-27
25    Investigating the effects of communication infrastructures (road and ICT) on the quality of life (Case study: villages of joghatay county)    M.Sc.    Oroji, Atefeh    2015-02-14
26    Physical Impact - Physical and environmental and land use change second home tourism in rural area (Case Study: city Binalood)    M.Sc.    abdollahi, samaneh    2014-11-10
27    Analysis of land use changes in rural settlements around the cities of Yasouj during the decade 1382 to 1392 (Case study: villages Mehrian, Balahzar, Madovan Upper and Madovan Lower    M.Sc.    karami, fereshteh    2014-11-10
28    The influence of city boundary development on texture of surrounding villages, focusing on 12 region of municipality of Mashhad    M.Sc.    vatankhah, masoud    2014-11-10
29    Analyzing The Effect Of Financial Housing Facilities On Changing Perspective Of Rural Textures; (A case Of Davarzan City)    M.Sc.    anare, fatemeh    2014-09-29
30    The study Lifestyle changes and the Effects on rural housing model (Case Study ؛ Bakharz County).    M.Sc.    riyahi kordiani, abolfazl    2014-03-17
31    The effect of architectural of second homes on the physical development of rural settlements in Kelardasht County    M.Sc.    kaviani, samira    2013-12-07
32    The role of rural management in skeletal-spatial development in villages tourist destination with emphasis of RM performance (study case: Ahmadabad District in mashhad county)    M.Sc.    rajabi janbe deraz, somaye    2013-12-07
33    Investigating Of Obstacle And Challenges Of Rural Development In Border Areas ، Case Study: Sangan District Khaf County.    M.Sc.    mahdavifar, gholamreza    2013-12-07
34    study of the rule of participation of rural peoples in implementation process of Rural Guidance Plans in Dashtestan County    M.Sc.    musavi, mahdiyeh    2013-09-18
35    The Survey Effects of Title-deeds for Rural Real Property on the Improvement Life Quality of Villages (Case Study: Quechan County).    M.Sc.    smaili, somaye    2013-09-18
36    Impacts Of Rural Guidance Plans on Improved quality of life Villagers Fariman County    M.Sc.    jafari, fahime    2013-09-18
37    effective factors of swiching place Suggested User in rural guidence plans    M.Sc.    moghadasi, lida    2013-09-18
38    The explanation of factors affecting on the rural settlements unsustainability (case study: Ferdows county)    Ph.D    solaymany, masoomeh    2013-07-10
39    The Role of Waste Management in the Development of Rural Settlements Case Study ؛Sarbok Distric, Qasreqand County.    M.Sc.    raesi, islam    2013-07-09
40    Investigating the effect of social and economical conditioes on rural housing . Case study: kavir Dehestan    M.Sc.    hadadpour, hasan    2013-05-27
41    The Comparative Survey Of Economic and social Effects of Agricultural Exploitatian Systems in Rural areas (case stady: , Paein rokh Dehestan Of Torbat Heydarieh County    M.Sc.    nejatimoghaddam, zahra    2013-02-13
42    TThe role of micro-credit (Housing Loans) on Rural Sttellement Development. (Case Study : Central District Neyshabor County)    M.Sc.    hossein nataj arabi, samaneh    2013-01-06
43    The Posibility Of Estabilishing Transformatory Agricultural In Cultivation And Horistic Section    M.Sc.    arcac, zinab    2013-01-06
44    The role of environmental hazards in the physical changes of rural settlements(Garmkhan village)    M.Sc.    esmaeili, asiye    2012-12-30
45    The evaluation of rate implementation the Objectives the design    M.Sc.    foadi, fatemeh    2012-12-30
46    Investigate the facilities and barriers of economic diversification activities in border villages Case Study; County of Marivan    Ph.D    kohnepushi, seyed hadi    2012-10-17
47    The analytic study of preventive factors in agricultural development in rural areas    Ph.D    Khosrobeigi, Reza    2012-06-17
48    assessment the effects of implementation of issuing the ownership documents on the rural regions development(Case study: Eghlid county)    M.Sc.    sadeghi boogar, mohammad shafie    2012-02-07
49    The survey of social and economic effects of second homes Turism(Case study:Torghabe-Shandiz county)    M.Sc.    khoshchehre, mohammadjavad    2012-02-07
50    The rural guidance plans for swiching places with the use of GIS on Khaf County    M.Sc.    javanshiri, mahdi    2012-02-07
51    Evaluate of implementation of rural Guidance plan\'s (Case study: Khaf County)    M.Sc.    harati, omolbanin    2012-02-07
52    The role of rural management in development emphasize to the role of dehyari; Case study: Central district of Ramian county    M.Sc.    bay, maryam    2012-02-06
53    Review physical effects housing loans on development rural areas    M.Sc.    bonyaddasht, aboulghasem    2011-06-10
54    Evaluate Of Economic & Social Impacts Of Rural Guidance Plans Implementation In Dena County    M.Sc.    hajipoor, yazdan    2011-06-10
55    Second homes turism and effect on rural area development qochan county(opportunity-threat)    M.Sc.    sahebkar, nahid    2011-06-10
56    The role of social capital in stability the rural economy :A case study Jafar Abad district of Qom    M.Sc.    Zarei, Abolfazl    2011-03-10
57    Role of endogenous development of rural village management    M.Sc.    purgamali, esmat    2010-09-21
59    The Role of Tourism in Rural Sustainable Development (The Case of Arzhan Plain in Fars)    M.Sc.    darvishi dadenjani, hassan    2010-09-21
60    The barriers of women participitation in the process of rural development ,the case study:darzab dehestan    M.Sc.    ahmadzadeh, sahar    2010-09-21
61    Analysis affecting factors of people    Ph.D    taghilo, Ali akbar    2010-06-18
62    Assessment Equiping and Modernization Project Rice Lands Gharetoghan Village    M.Sc.    anzaey, elahe    2010-02-20
63    Anahyzing the development ict and its relationship with the development or rural earias at gorgan    M.Sc.    vaziry, somaie    0000-00-00
64    Assessment of the effects of rural conductor designs and their function on rural skeletonic development(case study: jahrom township)    M.Sc.    akbari, mohamad hasan    0000-00-00